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lajolla090813june2013Hello Everyone! I know I haven’t written in a while, but this post is really dated 10/26/13. It really is 15 months old but better late than never! I did write a lot more in 2013, but my mom didn’t get around to posting them like she said she would while I was at camp that summer, and I didn’t think about it because camp was so much fun that I could live there forever! Now it’s already 2015, but I’m going to post a few oldies:

October 26, 2013

I moved to San Diego with my mom and brothers, and it is different here. I am staying with family and have learned a lot about how different things can be. I always thought that everything was chaos after I got sick and we started to live differently and then we had changes with our house and car and things weren’t the same. I never said they were bad though. For me, everything has always been good no matter what. Moving has made things a little hard though. San Diego is beautiful, but life is just different. Something as little as school starting an hour earlier or waking up every day to it being dark and overcast can totally change how we feel. It’s interesting how the world focuses on big issues like differences with races, religions and cultures but the truth is that there are differences every day everywhere even when things change for better. I moved a couple of hours away to a beautiful beach town to be closer to more family, for my mom to have more help and as family said “to give mom a break.” I have learned that even in the closest groups of people, there are differences. And in the most beautiful places, the day can start dark and dreary and foggy and cold. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed because the sky looks sad! It shows me that it’s all how we look at the differences. It’s not the city, or distance from where we moved, or if people are the same race, religion and culture that matters. What matters when we face differences (especially things we don’t understand or are comfortable with) is the choice we make in our attitude and thoughts.  What matters is how we treat each other and how we react to situations. Our dreams and goals and hopes are the same no matter what so it mostly comes down to how we feel.

I think that is why being away from Moorpark is so hard because that is where I FEEL the happiest. In my situation, sometimes life is hard and I act out or don’t fit in or have a lot of what the other girls have or do what they like to do. Sometimes I do get down. I know it’s always up to me to snap out of it, but in Moorpark I get a lot of help from the community. I visited for a football game a couple of weeks ago and was really happy when I saw people recycling after the game. It made my day. It was a reminder that I made a difference, and people still take action. I know the schools have started recycle drives, and it’s great to see an entire town still taking care of the community for each other not just a fundraiser for me a long time ago. It’s also a place that if I’m having one of those days, there’s an entire community of people who remind me that life is about living.

Moorpark will always be home to me, but mom always says that no matter where you go, there you are. You are HOME to your attitude and your thoughts and actions. How you feel about life will make the difference how you feel about others not your differences between each other.  Bravery comes from having something to be brave about. I know I’m not doing much lately, I guess I’m taking a break. But I’m not taking a break my reality. I know this thing is still in my head. I know I still throw up every morning and freak everyone out in the new house where I live. I know there will be more tests and surgery. I know that all of the people who have been there in the past will always be there even though I live here now. I also know that the recycling that we have done in the last 19 months and are still doing  have made the world a better place. So take action in your home no matter where you are to focus on how you feel and think.  Remember it’s not the differences in the world, it’s how we feel about them and how we react to them with our thoughts and actions. San Diego is different. To me, there is no place like Moorpark because of how I feel about it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make friends here, recycle here, be happy here. My HOME starts with me. Feel better and think better with brAvery. Welcome home.