OMG… Really?


brentwoodOkay, this is a really late Valentine’s Day post but it’s good for any day!  So I’m on my way to breakfast with my Mom and what happens?  We are stopped at a stop light, and the guy in front of us throws a water bottle out of his window. Of course I wanted to jump out of the car and pick it up and definitely say something, but the light turned green. So guess what else happened?  He threw another bottle out of the window.  I was like, “Are you serious?”  I mean here I am pushing for 1 million bottles and cans recycled and as if it’s not sad enough that he doesn’t know the value and difference it makes to recycle but he actually made the effort to litter also.

You know, recycling did not start as a fundraiser for me.  It started because I wanted to do something different on Valentine’s Day where every kid could participate equally and it didn’t cost anything like cards and candy.  I thought it would be a fun way to show our love for our school and work together to raise money for our school instead of buying a bunch of stuff to compete for prizes against each other. And cookie dough and wrapping paper and our artwork on mugs don’t really do anything to make the world better or help us make a difference.  Well, since Valentine’s Day last year when I saw how much one school & a bunch of kids with a lot of heart could do TOGETHER because I asked and they cared, I realized I could set a bigger goal for all of us.

I don’t know that reaching 1 million bottles and cans will stop that guy from littering but maybe he will hear about me or his kid will start recycling so he will start (or at least not litter) or maybe someday there will be a recycle can next to EVERY public trash can making recycling a no-brainer (haha, a no “brainer”… come on, you have to laugh).  I have faith that people are good and want to do the right thing.  Sometimes people just don’t know.  Everyone wants to make a difference and, even if they don’t believe in themselves or that making it to a million is possible, some people will start collecting just because they want to help me.  It’s okay if I’m the reason because someday people will set their own goals and believe its possible because of me, too.  Maybe my future is not certain but my love for life & the earth & people never changes. So celebrate LOVE, know that “impossible is nothing” and make a difference with brAvery!

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  1. Avery, another funny and awesome blog. You rock. It’s so refreshing to just read your blogs because it always puts my stress and worries in perspective. I’m 50 and always try to keep a positive attitude on life and reading your blogs is like fuel for my “positive gas tank”. I feel God smiling through you!

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