Happy New Year 2013


085It’s 2013! We all have something to be grateful for and look forward to this year. I want everyone reading this to think of two things they want this year, one for themselves and one for others.

This is something I did with my family in the beginning of the year. On New Year’s Day, my mom took my cousins and brothers and me out to dinner and asked us all to go around the table and say two things that we wanted this year.  One thing for others and one for ourselves. Just one word for each answer. When it was my turn, I paused for a long time before saying what I wanted for myself. Everybody expected me to say “Healthy” but I didn’t. It’s not that I don’t want to be healthy, I just live my life like I already am.  All of my family said stuff like fun, better, peace, happy.  I wondered “why don’t you just already live like that?”  My mom calls it living in reverse.  If you just believe in the thing you want then its easier to know what to do and feel good and when you make a mistake or do something wrong you know because it doesn’t keep you healthy or fun or happy.

Everyone wants a better world. I say LIVE NOW like it is heaven on earth and having a better world will all make a lot more sense. Keep recycling and live brAvery style!

Love, The Miracle Kid


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  1. I stumbled across your blog one day when looking online for something related to Bravery. I am always amazed at the perspective you have in your posts. You are wise beyond your years. People young and old would benefit from living life the way it seems you do.
    I am 46 years old and have twin girls who are 12 years old: Avery and Zoe. In 2011 Zoe was diagnosed with brain cancer. The way she approached handling the challenge life presented her with has been inspiring. Someone commented on how strong and optimistic Zoe and her sister have been throughout this journey. It was then that I started calling them brAVERY and opZOmist.
    I love the idea of living in reverse, it’s much better than living in fast-forward – which too many of us tend to do. Always rushing from one thing to the next.
    I wish you joy and happiness throughout 2013. PJM

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