mAke a difference!


I know I haven’t written in a while, but I have a lot to say. Actually I have written two other blogs and my Mom hasn’t posted them yet so I told her to put this one up first. I just got the recent count of recyclables and I’m at about 50,000 bottles and cans. WE are halfway there.  Thank you everybody so much for helping me reach my goal, but I am even happier that I have made so many people see that they can make a difference in my life and the world by taking action. I know 100,000 is a big goal, but why have a little goal? We can take little steps to get to a big goal and a bunch of people taking little steps gives us all more power to help each other and the world.

I really want to make the world a better place, and I am amazed at how much people are doing for me. I am not taking anything for granted. I know that I have been on television, radio, lots of newspapers & magazines, had drives at my school and temple and my picture is all over fliers from Moorpark down to San Diego.  But this is not about me, at least not to me. I feel like I am a messenger. All sorts of people are recycling now and reaching out to me, even other sick people are fighting with me and helping. This all means so much more to me. People are coming together in all different communities, schools, sports, businesses, Facebook.  Everyone wants to help me, and I feel like my message is really helping everyone else too. Maybe my attitude inspires people and sometimes that is what we need. Maybe my goal of 100,000 cans and bottles seems like a lot but I’m inspiring as many people as I can to just do a little and together WE can reach 100,000 and everyone will see that it’s good to believe in something and awesome to try your best to reach goals and help each other. Every person can make a difference.

I learned long ago from someone very special that people don’t remember what you do or say, they remember how you make them feel. I want to make people feel inspired and powerful and that everyone matters. I am inspired every day by many things for example about a week ago I was at rePLANET and, met a man who worked there. He was actually young like 22 years old and told me his mom had recently passed and he felt life was worthless now.  His mom was sick for a long time and now he didn’t have anything to fight for or live for and, when he heard about me, he said I gave him something to fight for again. He truly inspired me because he made me happy, he made me feel real happiness because I know he isn’t really “fighting” for me but did feel hope for me and that gave him hope again for life and people and dreams just like I hope to make a difference.

Everyone should just go out there, set goals, set an example, reach out to other people, ask for help and make a difference with brAvery. 

Thank you for caring & recycling, Avery (The Miracle Kid)


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  1. Avery,
    You are girl who has always followed her heart… and done things her own way. Of course you inspire not only kids, but adults as well! You are an an amazing girl and I’m so proud to watch you as you make it towards your goal of 100,000! Thanks for being my friend.
    Love & hugs,

  2. Going to bring the over 500 beverage containers I collected for you at work this past week and a half to RePlanet on Friday. Avery, you are astounding and I love your loving heart!!! Your life makes a difference on planet earth 🙂
    Love, Dawn xoxo

  3. Avery the brAvery one,
    Hey sweet girl! Just read every single blog post and although you may not read my comment I want you to know that you are my role model in every aspect. I’m 21years old and lost my dad when I was 15years old in high school from cancer, and brain tumors. Not only have your words began to heal my soul but you have reminded me that this is our “life” and we’ve only got one shot at it, so we can conquer all of our goals and dreams while we’re here or live for ourselves.. I think everyone should never lose sight of their dreams no matter the size, because if you can imagine it, you can accomplish it! I will keep you in my prAyers(: and hope you see this message(: have a wonderful day, and stay positive through each struggle and heartache, you can conquer anything!

    With all my love,
    Michelle Thomas (:

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