Monthly Archives: November 2011

be hAppy!


I’m excited. I just had an amazing weekend at my 5k, 10k and 1mile Run with brAvery in Calabasas.  My family   and bonus family all came out to support me. I am especially proud of my little brother, Evan, who ran the 5k for me.  He showed true brAvery and had no feAr. I really appreciate it. He had never run before, had an awesome attitude, made a choice and went for it!

Tonight while I was in the library when my big brother was using the computer, I went n a different computer and made something I think is really cool.  In the center of what I made it said “brAvery” and surrounding it were three speech bubbles and they each had a quote in them.  The quotes were, “Why do tomorrow what you can do today?” “Step up!!!” And the last was “Be the best YOU can be.”

My favorite thing to say is “be hAppy!” We all have things to be sad about, mad about, angry about, cry about, complain about…heck, look at me, I have the best excuse in the world. Maybe people think being happy is harder han it really is or maybe people don’t even know they are making a choice to be unhappy because it seems easier.  So if my little brother can run a 5k when he has never run before, and I choose to be happy when I’m this sick then I know anyone can “Step Up” and be happy!!  No one needs to wait until tomorrow to be happy today!!  And if you are the best YOU can be, you know you are confidant, feel good, and I know you don’t need others to make you feel happy. You can do anything with brAvery.   -Avery (The Miracle Kid)